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Neil C. Krey, Personal Aviation Trainer

Neil C. Krey
Personal Aviation Trainer

613 Post Oak Drive
Hurst, Texas  76053-6519


Neil Krey's Waypoints
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Top Ten Reasons GA is better than the Airlines
Airline travel has become progressively more unpleasant, which is helping boost the market for private and business aircraft. Here is my list of the top ten reasons the airlines have become the second choice to general aviation (GA) for air travel.

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Maximize Your Investment in Personal Air Transport

Whether you own your airplane for business or pleasure, MagentaLine is dedicated to helping you maximize your investment in personal air transportation. As your Personal Aviation Trainer, MagentaLine helps you set your own goals for how you use your airplane. We then assist you in developing your own Personal Learning Plan to reach those goals. Learning services include:

  • Single Pilot Resource Management (SRM) Seminars
  • Technically Advanced Aircraft Training
  • Advanced Certificates and Ratings
  • Recurrent Training and Flight Reviews

Your Personal Aviation Trainer

As your Personal Aviation Trainer, MagentaLine stays with you every step of the way as you achieve your learning goals. From the initial assessment of your current skills to the continuous maintenance of your aviation qualifications, MagentaLine is there to support you as you follow your Personal Learning Plan. More...

Your Personal Learning Plan

Rather than following the traditional ladder of increasingly complex ratings and qualifications, your Personal Learning Plan lets you focus on the learning that allows you to achieve your goals quickly and efficiently.More...

Your Learning Methods

MagentaLine helps you learn in the ways that best suit you. We offer seminars at resort locations so you can combine learning with relaxation and family time. Or, you can have MagentaLine come to you for one-on-one learning that fits your busy schedule. More...

MagentaLine's Experience

Neil C. Krey, MagentaLine's Personal Aviation Trainer, has over 35 years experience helping pilots of all levels meet their learning goals. He has taught in a wide range of aircraft from Cessna 150s to Learjets. More...

Other MagentaLine Services

MagentaLine makes it easy to access the references and supplies you need to maximize your investment in personal air transport. Our online bookstore allows you to purchase books and other supplies through our partnership with

MagentaLine also offers a full range of aviation consulting and development services to civil and government aviation organizations. More...

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